Lets Take a Walk With the Dog in Moscow!


Boza and I decided to take a walk today. Well actually Boza and I take a walk several times everyday! :)

But today we took pictures:

This is the start as we leave out the front door. Boza loves to walk!
Fresh snow to tromp on!
Boza sees a cat running down the sidewalk!
Cat gone, but I love how the trees overhang the walk. In Summer it is shaded and cool.
Time to run across the street.
Oops, Found the cat again and he thinks he is hidden. Boza wanted to play!
This is a Children Garden or Kinder garden in America!
Path between buildings and lots of snow still.
Getting close to home just one more corner.
There is home with the wonderful art work near the door. Youngsters are so nice to leave there graffiti.

Well that was about a 40 minute walk and now Boza is back home asleep and dreaming about chasing cats.

Kyle & Svet

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