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Huge – McDonalds in Moscow, Russia!

What you see is a picture about closing time at one of the largest McDonald’s in the world.

There is 24 cash registers along the length of this picture.

Only one section is open because they are getting ready to close the inside. There was still around 300 people in the building but it is so large that you can not tell. Svet and I have been here during the day when it is busy and I have seen all cash registers going and lines out the doors.

The depth of the picture also extends behind me the same depth. Other words one big place.

I was a district manager for McDonald’s and never saw a store like this before…

That whole building is one McDonald’s! :)

Now you know a little more about Russia.

Windows to Russia!
Kyle & Svet

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Lets Take a Walk With the Dog in Moscow!


Boza and I decided to take a walk today. Well actually Boza and I take a walk several times everyday! :)

But today we took pictures:

This is the start as we leave out the front door. Boza loves to walk!
Fresh snow to tromp on!
Boza sees a cat running down the sidewalk!
Cat gone, but I love how the trees overhang the walk. In Summer it is shaded and cool.
Time to run across the street.
Oops, Found the cat again and he thinks he is hidden. Boza wanted to play!
This is a Children Garden or Kinder garden in America!
Path between buildings and lots of snow still.
Getting close to home just one more corner.
There is home with the wonderful art work near the door. Youngsters are so nice to leave there graffiti.

Well that was about a 40 minute walk and now Boza is back home asleep and dreaming about chasing cats.

Kyle & Svet

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From Russia: Ice Skate Rink Done By Hand!


This is the ice skating rink that is near where we live. It is set up for hockey playing by the local childrens teams but everyone just loves to play on the ice.

These men work on this rink everyday trying to make a good ice skating rink. I think that they are doing a good job.

I posted an article over a year ago about the fun of trying to create an ice skating rink from this soccer field. (Link)

Looks good now, they are getting better.

Kyle & Svet

PS: By the way this picture was taken by my new camera phone – I think it takes great pictures.

New Camera Phone for Taking Lots of Pictures of Russia!

Today Boza and I went for a walk to try out our new toy. For my birthday Svet got me a new cell phone with a 3 mega pixel camera. Svet got me a Samsung U800 Soulb (soulbee) phone. Wow what a phone and it takes great pictures. No more will I be with out a camera :) and not be able to get pictures of cars trying to run over people on the sidewalks. “Russia be aware I have a cell phone camera now!”

This came about because I saw that a Blog (actually two blogs) that I follow was having way to much fun with a cell phone camera. My Mobile Blog & My life in Bergen, a photoblog! Bskaad is always taking pictures with a cell phone and I wanted to also.

It seems that my sweetie figured this out and bought me the best cell phone I ever had. I has a total of 3 gigabytes of memory so I can take full 3 mega pixel pictures and not run out of storage.

So here are the first pictures that I have taken with the new camera phone.

Boza and I went to try out the new camera phone!
Yea, the sun came out today!
Boza and I out for a walk in the new snow!
Boza and I walked by a park.

Thank You Svet, Now I can really take some pictures!

Kyle and Boza

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Russia: A Walk with a dog!


Today I want to tell you about my morning walk with our dog Boza.

1) Here we were walking

2) Boza suddenly stopped

3) and looked up at the tree

4) There was a squirrell on the tree

5) When she noticed us she ran up

6) and then started to tease us from the top!

We put the pictures on and even made some slide-show of them later. Watch the slide-show here.