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We Found The Carousel From The Old Toy Store…

We loved the old carousel that was in the very special store for children in the center of Moscow. Then they destroyed that store for no darn reason. (Except money and greed!)

We found the carousel the other day and Sveta got some good pictures of it. It has come back from the dead and only issue is that the original toy store will never be back…

From Russia: The Last Toy Store Carousel!

Russia: Can You Believe That They Destroyed This Toy Store To Modernize The Building?

Russian Photo Blog!

(Original Location)

But at least it lives on…

Paint The Trees In Russia!

I remember along time ago in America it was very common to paint the trees trunks white with a chalk paint. Just like they do in Russia.

Every once in a while in America you still see someone do this.

In Russia it is done at the start of spring everywhere and I think it looks great.

So clean and nice…

Kyle & Svet

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